Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hamilton Haiti Action Committee in Effect

Today was the first event of the newly formed Hamilton Haiti Action Committee. Riaz and myself attended the Build a Change Development Symposium at McMaster University in order to spread the word of our new advocacy group.

The participants in the symposium were interested in what we had to say, and we had numerous half hour conversations. People couldn't believe what was happening in Haiti. Once we discussed the failure of the development model in Haiti, they began to question their own ideas of development. It's more than just simply showing up and throwing money at a people. There has to be recognition of the structural factors which undermine REAL development in countries like Haiti.

As a local branch of the Canada Haiti Action Network, the main goals of the Hamilton Haiti Action Committe is to advocate for the right of the Haitian people to enjoy meaningful, inclusive democracy, freedom from human rights abuses, and engage in opportunities for sustainable grassroots development. Our blog is coming up soon, you can reach us for now at

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