Documents / Resources

Here is a list of important documents which highlights the focus of intervention and other international policy towards to the Caribbean.

Ganja Economy in the Caribbean:

Andre de Caires, The Ganja Document: Exploring Decriminalization in St. Lucia


Haiti - Agriculture

Sak Vid Pa Kampe: The Impact of U.S. Food Aid and the Right to Food in Haiti
Centre for Human Rights and Global Justice. NYU School of Law

Briefing: This article explains the role of U.S. policy in addition to those of the international financial institutions in undermining Haiti's agricultural industry.

RTF Briefing

"Mete Ko Veye Ko" : Foreign Responsibility in the Failure to Protect Against Cholera and Other Man-made Disasters

This report by Mark Schuller and the Université d'etat d'Haiti details the failure of the international community to protect the Haitian people. Of significance is the United Nations failure to protect against gender based violence, the cholera epidemic, and their inaction/indifference to the forced evictions of IDP camp residents.

Haiti's November 28th Elections: Trying Legitimize the Illegitimate:

This report by the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti forecasted the political unrest which followed the fraudlent November 28th elections. Their calls for international support and funding for the farce were not heeded, to the detriment of the Haitian people and their efforts to bring forth democracy.

The Ottawa Initiative: 

These documents highlight Canada's role in planning military action in Haiti weeks before the 2004 coup against Jean Bertrand Aristide.  

A Very Canadian Coup:

This article by Richard Saunders highlights the little known history of Canada's political and economic undermining in Haiti. Well worth a read for those who wish to know more about the darker side of Canadian foreign policy, and how widespread the international opposition to popular democracy in Haiti is.

Woch Nan Soley: The Denial of the Right to Water in Haiti:

This report by the RFK Center for Human Rights, Zamni Lasante, and the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice highlights the actions by the United States government in blocking much needed development loans which would have been used to build and upgrade the water / sanitation systems in Haiti. The freedom of information act reveals that the loans were blocked because the building of such systems would have increased the support for the Aristide and Lavalas movement.


Jamaica's Shower Posse: How the CIA Created "The Most Notorious Criminal Organization"

This article by Casey Gane-McCalla gives an excellent background to how exactly the current gang warfare in Jamaica began. It's a lot deeper than simply the control over the drug trade.


Operation Northwoods:

This document released in 2001, highlights the proposals drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the United States government (Kennedy Administration) to have the CIA commit acts of terrorism in American cities and blame Cuba - building the political outrage needed for a war / invasion to topple Fidel Castro.

Operation Mongoose:

This document outlines a series of covert operations to undermine and overthrow the government of Fidel Castro in Cuba. It included espionage, sabotauge, assasination attempts, in addition to the typical political, economic and miltary intervention.

Latin America: 

Operation Condor:

This website highlights the work of Patrice Mcsherry in researching the shadowy military network of the dictatorships of Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina which was responsible for the assasinations and dissapearances of political dissidents around the world with the assistance of the Pentagon and the CIA.