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Jamaica in the 1970's


Nou Bouke: (We're Tired) Haiti's Past, Present and Future

Nou Bouke [We're Tired]: Haiti's Past, Present And Future from The Miami Herald on Vimeo.

Fault Lines: Haiti 6 Months Later

Fault Lines: The Politics of Rebuilding

Pou Yon Ayiti Souvren (For a Sovereign Haiti)

Pou Yon Ayiti Souvren (For a Sovereign Haiti) from Cage Free on Vimeo.

This video highlights the Haitian university students and human rights lawyers discussing the importance of Haitian sovereignty. Simply put, they state that without it, there is no point of discussing human rights or democracy as long as foreign intervention undermines the Haitian people's demands for self determination. A little research quickly shows that a vast amount of Haiti's problems are owed to the "good intentions" of the West. 

January 11th, 2011 (The Agenda with Steve Paikin)

Today was my first apperance on television. It was on TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Niraj at the Toronto Haiti Action Committee forwarded my name to the producer who invited me on. It was both a unique and stressful experience - always second guessing my answers as I was speaking. Thankful for the opporunity to speak about Haiti. Hopefully next time they will include Haitians in their discussion about the lack of reconstruction about their own country.  

Al Jazeera English: Focus on Haiti - The Politics of Rice pt. 1
Documentary by Al Jazeera English revealing the history of Haiti's current food insecurity, and how it was engineered by the very same nations and individuals who are now in charge of reconstructing Haiti.

The Real News Network: Haiti and the Devil's Curse
Great video by the Real News Network, featuring Danny Glover, Peter Hallward and Anthony Fenton discussion the dis-information campaign by the mainstream media, and the total avoidance of any mention of historical interference by foreign powers in Haiti's history.

Human Rights Abuses: Prison Massacre at Les Cayes
The New York Times uncovers a prison massacre in Les Cayes, where Haitian National Police and MINUSTAH troops were responsible for the deaths of 12 unarmed prisoners. The dead were buried in an unmarked grave without any autopsies. Many of the prisoners were pre-trial detainees who had been held on petty charges such as loitering, or the theft of cell phones and satillite dishes. The investigation is ongoing as of April 2011.

Footage of Voters Explaining Why They Will Not Vote in Haiti's Election (November 28th)

A young man expresses his frustration as to why he will not vote outside the Lycee Fritz Pierre Louis on November 28th, 2010.

Another Voice of One of the Excluded Voters in Haiti's November 28th (S)Elections

A young man explains his frustration in being turned away from participating in Haiti's November 28th elections. He captures much of the dissapointment of the people I talked to that day, stating that the Haitian people will not accept the winner of such flawed elections.

Video of Empty Voting Registers @ Lycee Fimem at 2:30 pm

Aristide and the Endless Revolution - Parts 1-6